Worlds Smallest Mini Phone

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Worlds Smallest Mini Mobile Phone Boss Plastic 99.9% Small Tiny Beat J8 Long

Item Description
J8 Mini Mobile Phone/Bluetooth - free micro sim provided

The Worlds smallest phone smaller than a standard size disposable lighter

Minimal metal design

Works on all GSM networks NOT 3G, simply place micro sim in phone.

The J8 can be used as a Mobile phone or a Bluetooth headset

Measurements 23 x 68x 11mm, weight 18 grams

This phone has a detachable ear piece, can be used as a hands free, or detach the ear piece and use it as a handset

Device features:

1) Micro SIM card (the micro sim must be inserted correctly refer to the operating manual supplied with the phone)

2) Bluetooth headset The Micro- phone can be used as a Bluetooth headset.

3) Bluetooth Dialler You can use your Micro phone as a Bluetooth dialler for your smart phone. This function depends on network support

4) Long press the Bluetooth mode button, you can receive Incoming call number / contact announcement

5) Screen: 0.66 inch OLED screen

6) Port: Mini 5 pin USB port